What is The Arcadia Project?

Arcadia is an egalitarian campaign with a difference. Unlike other projects, it centers around the creativity and artistry of its members. I am a strong believer that art, in any form, is more powerful than any speech or rally. It is relatable to the masses due to the hundreds of different ways that it can be interpreted by an audience. My aim with this project is to encourage the start of an “artistic rebellion”, allowing people a safe space to communicate with like-minded people, and to collaborate to protest peacefully against all kinds of injustices and inequality. This will start with a trilogy of novels, the first of which will be published this year.

But none of this will be possible without you. Without your help, we may never get our voices heard. Without your help, our stories may go unnoticed. If we all band together, however, we can make sure that we won’t be ignored. It’s easy: draw a picture, write a poem, make a film. Do anything you can to get your message across to the world.

No story is too small.



THE INTERROBANG is, or perhaps was, a punctuation symbol used to indicate a sentence or statement which is both interrogative and exclamatory. Nowadays, however, the symbol itself has become extinct, in its place standing a coinciding exclamation mark and question mark in informal written text.

In my mind, however, the interrobang is not dead. I am using it as my logo as it accurately portrays everything my work is about. I write not only to shock, but to impose questions. I question everything in life, in my stories, in my non-fiction, and I speak up about matters I care most for.

If you are contributing to The Arcadia Project, I challenge you to use the interrobang. Question injustice, and shout about it, because it needs to be heard.