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Emily Rumboldt is a young writer, filmmaker, and activist based in Reading, England. After using her creative writing as a child to battle trauma surrounding her sexual identity, she now uses art as a platform for activism: and she encourages you to do the same.





‘The Arcadia Project’ is a social campaign with a difference. Emily wants to create a loving, supportive community for everybody in the world considered a ‘minority’, encouraging the people of the internet to use their artwork to promote equality and unity.

“After dealing with so much isolation myself, I know how difficult and degrading life can be for “minorities”. Self-acceptance is hard enough, so to be forced to explore our identities with next to no outside guidance or positive media representation really takes it’s toll. I hope that Arcadia can be a safe platform for people to use their voices: voices which are otherwise muted by society.”


Read more about the project here.


Instagram: @aiyanaart – 04/06/2017