EPQ: 3rd February 2017 – Critical Path Analysis

In today’s session, I learnt how to use Critical Path analysis and applied it to my Extended Project in order to organise my time effectively.


For my project, the jobs I need to complete are:

  1. Research codes and conventions of a dystopia  (A) (1 day)
  2. Create study sheet for (a) – include how dystopia links with historical context (B) (1 day)
  3. Research the history of the dystopian genre (C) (1 day)
  4. Create timeline for (c) (D) (1 day)
  5. Research Allegory of the Cave (E) (1 day)
  6. Research publication methods (F) (1 day)
  7. Launch survey (G) (14 days)
  8. Read 1984 (H) (5 days)
  9. Complete study sheet for 1984 (I) (1 days)
  10. Read The Hunger Games (J) (5 days)
  11. Complete study sheet for THG (K) (1 day)
  12. Read Brave New World (L) (5 days)
  13. Complete study sheet for BNW (M) (1 day)
  14. Read Clockwork Orange (N) (5 days)
  15. Complete study sheet for CO (O) (1 day)
  16. Read Proxy (P) (5 days)
  17. Complete study sheet for Proxy (Q) (1 day)
  18. Evaluate survey results (R) (2 days)
  19. Come up with the basic synopsis (S) (3 days)
  20. Development stages: focusing plot; adding detail; character development (T) (7 days)
  21. Write (U) (2 months)
  22. Edit (V) (14 days)
  23. Cover design (W) (3 days)
  24. Publicise (X) (3 weeks)
  25. Publish (Y) (7 days) (depending on publication method, extra time factored into time scale)
  26. Plan presentation (Z) (1 day)
  27. Create presentation (AA) (2 days)
  28. Rehearse presentation (BB) (2 days)
  29. Plan report (CC) (2 days)
  30. Write report (DD) (1 week)

DEADLINE: Review and final submission – 13th October 2017

I drew a Critical Analysis Path diagram for these jobs, which turned out to be particularly complex:


cap-1As my first Critical Analysis Path diagram was so complicated, I have split the above list into sections and drawn a second diagram:

A. Research (4 weeks)

B. Planning (2 weeks)

C. Writing/Editing/Publishing (12 weeks)

D. Presentation (2 weeks)

E. Report (2 weeks)



These diagrams will enable me to work out a manageable schedule for my EPQ, which will help me to stay on track and complete my project in time. From looking at them, I have come up with the following deadlines for myself:

  • Friday 10th March – Research
  • Friday 31st March – Planning
  • Thursday 31st August – Writing, Editing and Publishing
  • Thursday 21st August – Presentation
  • Friday 13th October – Review and Final Submission


Slight changes to these deadlines will have be made next week, as will receive dates for the presentation in my next session. I have also been careful to factor in slack, in case I am faced with a particularly unproductive session or find myself with other commitments.


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