Pokémon here we GO again…

February 15th, 2017. Wednesday. 2:15pm. Feeling frustrated.

Yes, this is blog number 3 of today. No, I couldn’t care less. There I was, having written a rather deep blog about The Fault In Our Stars, minding my own business and scrolling through my Twitter feed when BANG, it hit me right in the face like a wet fish. Pokémon GO is getting a MAJOR new update.

Yep, you heard me correctly. Pokémon GO is back, and it’s crazier than ever.

Of course, it never really left. Of everyone I know who ever (whether or not they care to admit it) once became hooked on the game which gripped the world for a good few months – give or take – two or three of them still play it. Some even spend their free periods hunting the virtual creatures in school, which of course is stupid as the game is programmed specifically not to spawn Pokémon on school grounds to avoid distraction. For the majority, though, Pokémon GO lost its appeal fairly quickly. Perhaps it was due to the repetitive nature of it all, or maybe we just realized that we wasted our summers searching for imaginary creatures.

Whatever caused the loss of popularity, Niantic were quick to fight back. Over Christmas, for example, we saw the introduction of the Christmas Pikachu (literally a normal Pikachu in a Santa hat which seriously appealed to the children among us), and lets not forget the time they increased the spawning frequency of BASICALLY. EVERY. RARE. POKÉMON. IN. EXISTENCE, essentially destroying the thrill factor that the original version of the game possessed.

And now, ladies and gentleman, we are faced with a new update, brought to us through this trailer which Pokémon promptly blocked under copyright grounds.




I honestly can’t deal with the level of stupidity. It reminds me of myself after a night of sad-drinking.

Alas, I’m being far too negative. For players of Pokémon GO, this new update is said to be incredible. According to thenextweb.com, we are set to see over 80 new Pokémon. 80! Eight-zero!!! This, on top of a load of new features including an upgraded wardrobe, improved mechanics, and long-awaited item carousels… Well, I’ll let you see for yourself. Watch the trailer, all shiny-new and unblocked by Pokémon, below:



So, what do you think? Perhaps this update will be less “Pokémon here we GO again…” and more “Pokémon THANK GOD!”

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