February 17th, 2017. Friday. 9:16am. Feeling sore.

I’ve been away from YouTube for a while.

A long while, in fact. I guess you could say I took a prolonged hiatus (no, no normal person would call it that). I’ve been slacking. That, however, if going to change now.
I’ve been thinking about trying to link my YouTube channel with my blog for quite some time now, creating some kind of multi-modal entertainment platform which in essence will keep growing and growing and growing the more work I do. Eventually there will be multiple channels, a variety of active segments on emilyrumboldt.com (still amazed that that’s a thing), books (the countdown for book number 1 – as yet untitled – starts now, my friends!), even films. I’m an artist with a voice, a message, and I want that to be heard.

So, I’m starting with Tea Break. Effectively this is me trying to re-brand myself: I’ll post weekly videos providing comfortably informal updates on the world’s news. Spilling tea, so to speak. Having consecutively filmed two (and a half) tea breaks, I’m fairly certain this is how I want to represent myself. It’s honest. In these videos you will see me, raw and uncut, with fragments of my personality shining through in rays of sunlight. In the first video – Tea Break ft satan – I share not the world’s news, but my own. In recent months my life has taken a huge turn, partially for the best but in parts not so much, and I don’t plan on keeping that a secret. In these videos, you will ride alongside me on this roller-coaster we call life. I’m not hiding anything: my opinions; my sexuality; my womanhood. Why should I? After all, this is a free world and I intend on keeping it that way.

So why would you want to watch these videos? Well, I can’t say for sure that you will. After all, they’re simply me talking to a camera. Personally though, if I were you, I’d want to stick around. In coming weeks I will be torturing myself (as I do in the very first video. Think of it as a kind of initiation…), spilling some major tea and doing things I almost certainly will regret days, weeks and months (years, perhaps) later. I will be keeping you all up-to-date and culturally aware. There will be bias, but perhaps that’s a good thing. As a world we need to communicate. How on Earth can we be expected to make amends with each other if we don’t know what the issue was in the first place? I’m encouraging discussion, debate even, in the hope that we can get somewhere as a community.

And it all starts with the most vile thing I have ever done in my life.