Update: EPQ Plan, Supervisor Meeting and Peer Assessment

This blog post regards my Extended Project Qualification. To read more about this, click here.


Whilst in previous blogs I gave myself until September 21st for my presentation, I have since found out that the presentation dates start from September 29th, 2017. This is great news as it allows me to have an additional week’s contingency, on top of the week I already scheduled into my plan. This will compensate for any lost time which may occur due to problems which come up closer to the time, particularly as September will mark the beginning of my A-Level year.


Before last week’s half term break I met with my assigned supervisor, with whom I discussed my initial ideas and my current progress towards my final goal. After looking through my folder in which I keep all of my notes and my schedule, she seemed happy that I was well on track to achieving my goal on time. The main feedback she gave me was that I had to make sure I received a substantial amount of survey responses before the end of last week, which I succeeded in. She also cautioned that I have given myself a lot of work to do, suggesting that unless I stick to my schedule I may not be able to complete the project in its entirety before my deadline. From this we decided that my target for the coming months will be to meet all of my deadlines on time, refraining from relying on my allocated contingency as much as possible. I believe that I have met this target so far as, having completed the majority of my research already, I am already a month ahead of schedule.


The main problem I am faced with currently is that my mind is so full of creative ideas that I find myself piling on work for the production stage of my project. As it stands, I have allocated 5 months (April 1st – August 31st) to write, edit, market, and publish my novel. This will involve a propaganda style advertising campaign, inspired by that of the film ‘Mockingjay: Part 1’ of the famous ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy, along with a potential video-based book trailer. This will require a lot of time and therefore, if I do not stick to my schedule, I will have to consider dropping elements of this marketing campaign.


In today’s EPQ session, we all got into groups to give short presentations about our projects, peer assessing each other’s progress. Not only was this great presenting experience, but it also allowed us to help each other with any problems that have arisen over the past weeks. From my peer assessment I appear to be well on track, and I see no reason as of yet as to why I will not complete my project to its fullest potential. One target my peers gave me was to consider including love interests in my novel as it “gives readers something to root for, and something to talk about within the fan base.” (quoted from Clare Mills, 24/02/2017, during our EPQ session). This will be especially relevant due to the vast majority of my survey participants (and thus my implied audience) being in their teenage years, as “ships” have become vastly adored by the online reading communities on sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Reddit.
Next week there will not be an in-school session as we are all visiting the Emirates stadium for a University search and apprenticeships fair, but I will keep working towards my project in the meantime as I begin to enter the planning stage of my project. I will make sure to keep this blog updated on everything I complete in this time.

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