EPQ: Progress Report (W/B 20th March 2017)

This week marks a new milestone for my project: the start of the all-important writing process.

Where I stand now, I have written the first draft of my prologue and the majority of Chapter 1. Having been writing for a few days, I have already come across a number of issues which need to be addressed and solved.

  1. I am slower at writing than I originally thought. If I keep writing at the pace I am now, there will be a real risk that I will not finish the novel in time. In order to solve this problem, I have given myself a target of 1,000 words to write per day; this is cumulative, so if I fail to meet this target it will roll on to the next day, so on so forth. 1,000 words a day is perfectly achievable for me, and with editing and marketing to do on top of the initial writing process this target should allow me to get everything done to a high standard without causing too much stress.
  2. The beginning of Chapter 1 is not powerful enough. According to my research, my readers consider the beginning of a book significantly more important than its setting, action and semantic code, with 15 participants claiming it to be the most “important part of a book/film”. When I read what I have written so far, however, I am finding my Chapter 1 rather dull and description-heavy. To solve this problem, I will ask a selection of people to read over it and respond to any advice they have. These people will be of different ages and genders to give myself a broader idea of what society wants to see. I will also write a number of different drafts for each chapter, compiling the final drafts of each into a master file which will become my manuscript, which will be published.


With the current news of the Westminster terrorist attack filling the news, I can’t help but draw links between the actions of terrorists now and in the past with the events in my novel plan. This similarity, whilst incredibly worrying, leads me to question whether the currently held idea of “dystopia” exists anymore as, in many ways, we seem to be living it now. This concept will be interesting to explore as an element of further study for my EPQ, potentially leading me to adapt my question slightly.

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