Fixing my EPQ question, and READING PRISON VISIT – 19/5/17

On Friday 19th May, 2017, I made some substantial changes to the focus of my EPQ which I discussed with my supervisor. When considering the risks of my former question, I realised that there were a number of issues which could hinder my project:

  1. The only way that I can evaluate the effectiveness of my narrative is through public feedback, which leads to a heavy reliance on the public reading my novel, and responding quickly enough to provide me with enough varied opinions to write an evaluative report before my deadline (13th October 2017).
  2. The question itself does not really allow for all of the assessment criteria to be met. With my current question – “What is the ideal dystopia for a modern audience?” – I could end up describing the “ideal dystopia”, perhaps with a small amount of analysis and evaluation, but it would be difficult to be particularly critical without a certain amount of data and an existing product to compare it to.


To solve these problems, I have decided to change my question to “How effectively can I market a novel-based social activist campaign to a diverse and modern audience?”


The aforementioned question has been worded specifically to allow me to do the following:

  • EVALUATE – This is a key element of the assessment criteria, which opens up the possibility of a higher quality project which reflects the time and effort that I am putting in.
  • MARKETING – Whilst the marketing campaign has always been planned into my project, my previous question did not mention it and therefore it would have been overlooked, despite the work that I will inevitably put into it. By shifting the focus of my question to the marketing aspect, I am able to show my versatility as requested by the public in my initial survey, allowing myself to present a project which continues “beyond the final page”. I will still have to write the book as marketing something that doesn’t yet exist will look bad in the public’s eye, which may effect my professional career later on. I will, however, be marketing the project from very early on, putting a heavy focus on that in my blogs as opposed to my writing itself. This creates aspects of Business, which is new to the project and allows me to broaden my skills set which.
  • POLITICAL CAMPAIGN – On social media, I have already started marketing Arcadia (the name of the full three-novel project) as a political/social movement which centers around the books. This kind of activism is something which I have always planned to do with my writing, and it will also create a Unique Selling Point which I will use within my marketing.
  • AN “IDEAL DYSTOPIA” – The wording of the question means that I do not have to change my initial plan for the novel. The social activism involved in the question fits perfectly with the dystopian genre, and I can use the tailoring that exists through my survey as another USP – this story has been written for you.


On Saturday 13th May, I visited HM Reading Prison to revise the political themes for my novel. This was very beneficial to me as it gave me incredible insight about the mindset and life of prisoners, particularly the rebelliousness of many which will help significantly when writing about the rebellion in Inauguration Day. Seeing inside a prison will also help monumentally with the second half of the book, following one of the protagonists’ arrest, and also with the planning and eventual writing of Book 2 which is set inside a prison. Whilst Book 2 will not be written as part of my EPQ, is it vital that I have a clear idea as to how the series progresses as this is what many of my audience members and survey respondents have requested.


Pictures from HM Reading Prison:


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