Progress – Weekend beginning Saturday 20th May, 2017

This weekend has brought two major progressions for my EPQ. Having just changed the focus from the novel to the marketing, I took this weekend as an opportunity to work solely on the distribution of “Inauguration Day”. I spent Saturday creating the initial posters for the book campaign, carrying out a photo shoot for which I did the camerawork and makeup/costume myself, using my younger sister as a model. I then used Photoshop to create the posters:


beauty man game logo 3outlaw 2


I also created the following logo for Arcadia, the fictional city in the novels:


arcadia logo.png

The symbol looks like an eye to represent the constant surveillance that the Arcadian government has on the slum communities surrounding its border, surveillance and a lack of privacy being a key dystopian convention.


Note: The city of Arcadia is named to reflect the perfect world that President Isambard thinks he is creating by eliminating diversity. It will later be used by the rebels as the name of the campaign, just as I am using it as the name of my activist campaign.


Today, I made plans with a friend of mine to produce another element of marketing, which I cannot go into significant detail about yet due to the nature of the project. It will be extremely beneficial to me as it will, when released to the public, broaden my audience significantly from national to transnational. Combining multiple medias also means that I am using synergy and cross-media convergence, which will be useful for me in the future when using above-the-line distribution techniques to draw more readers in.


This coming week I will have a final meeting with my supervisor before my three week break from school (half term + two weeks study leave), as my plan for this time is to split my work for my internal exams and my EPQ 50/50. This should allow me to write around 10 chapters of my manuscript, as well as broadening my marketing campaign. I am also going to Oxford Pride on June 3rd to launch my above-the-line marketing scheme, as a lot of the themes in my campaign tie in with the LGBT Pride motives.


My social media accounts for Arcadia are up-and-running too: @JoinArcadia on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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