Publishing “Inauguration Day”

At the midpoint of my summer holidays, I thought it best to post an update on the progress of my EPQ: the Arcadia Project.


I’m publishing!

As I discussed in the following Twitter thread, as well as in my last update, I have decided to publish the first segment of my EPQ novel “Inauguration Day” on Wattpad and submit that to AQA.
This is a decision that I have made for a number of reasons. As my EPQ title suggests, I am trying to find our the extent to which I can tailor a novel to my audience. In order to do this, they will need to have some kind of say in what happens throughout the narrative, a feat which will not be possible if I publish the book in full straightaway. On top of this, with my A-Level workload and personal life becoming more and more hectic, I am finding myself with less time to write. To solve this problem, I am choosing to focus on the quality of my work as opposed to the quantity that I submit as my artefect. By submitting the in-progress Wattpad publication, I allow myself the liberty of taking my time with the writing, whilst getting the all important public feedback for my 1000 word report THROUGHOUT the process.

In light of all this, I have chosen to publish the first segment of “Inauguration Day” weekly, chapter by chapter, to allow time for me to make adjustments to my work based on the feedback I receive. This will show that I am making a further attempt to tailoring my novel for the audience’s requirements, in addition to the initial survey, the research, and the online connections that I have made already.

The prologue will be available to read THIS FRIDAY (4/8/17) on Wattpad.


Cover Art

In July, I began to explore the creation process of the front cover. We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but in reality a book’s cover can either make or break its success. I studied a number of modern book covers (modern to appeal to my target audience), and I discovered that graphic design is a lot more popular on the cover of novels than photography or hand-drawings – especially within the YA fiction subgenre. Symbolism is also frequently used, with publishers choosing to include symbolic props from the book within its cover design.

I am extremely inexperienced with graphic design, but after failing to contact anybody who could help me I decided to experiment on Photoshop. One of the most important, symbolic props in the story is a pair of glasses called Sensorspecs – these are the opposite of rose-tinted glasses, by which I mean they reveal more about people than they may ever give away about themselves. I played around with the software for just over 4 hours, before coming to a design that I was happy with.

This morning (3/8/17), I decided to release the design on Twitter to commemorate the release of the prologue tomorrow.


Here is the design in full:

front cover


I will post a short blog tomorrow once the prologue is available to read, linking to the novel on my Wattpad profile.



On 5th August, I am travelling to Pollença, Majorca for a week. Whilst this is a family holiday, I am using this opportunity to find out as much as I can about Spanish and Hispanic culture to integrate into my project. Pollença is a hugely cultural town, and as I am already building the plot of ID around a scaffold of diverse cultures, I think that it would be interesting to use what I learn whilst I am there. I am an A-Level Spanish student with a relative understanding of the language, and so this would be the perfect opportunity to work one of my other subjects into my EPQ.

I will still publish during that week, and I will take my laptop with me so that I can get some editing done whilst I am there to avoid missing a week of vital work.

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