It’s out! Read the start of my EPQ novel “Inauguration Day” here…

As promised yesterday, the prologue of “Inauguration Day” is out NOW on Wattpad. Follow the link below, and keep scrolling to read a description of the novel.


They say a country is never quite the same after it is struck by tragedy. For the United States of America, that tragedy was a gift, straight from the heart of their very own president. After the massacre of hundreds of minorities at a Pride festival sparked a Civil War which would tear apart the entire philosophy of the States, a New Congress was born from the ashes. Pledging to “build bridges, not walls” to make America great again, President Isambard’s algorithm is simple: if you look like him, think like him, and act like him, you’re free to stay.

“Inauguration Day” is the first novel from English writer Emily Rumboldt. It is an allegory for the corruption of today’s politics, the cultural and societal issues which grip our communities, and the injustices which continue to thrive in our world. The novel will be the centre-point of her social-action campaign, The Arcadia Project, which aims to unite communities and encourage them to use art in order to speak out about injustice. She hopes to use this novel as a starting point, making it a community effort by writing each chapter based on what you, the readers, want to see. In light of this, she encourages you to comment with feedback, thoughts and requests for what happens next. The final version of the novel will be published as a physical book, available worldwide.

I am dedicating this novel to the 22 beautiful people who were taken from us too soon on Monday 22nd May, 2017. This community is tough, strengthened by the love and solidarity which evil-doers will never have the honour of understanding. I thank Ariana Grande, her team, and every other kind heart who stood up to support those in need, whether by opening your doors, uniting nations, or simply being there for a friend or stranger. This story is for you, too.

New chapters will be released every Friday.

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