‘Avengers: Endgame’ – Last Minute Theories

The time is 15:16. I am sitting at my laptop, shaking from head to toe, clenching my fists in protest of my Twitter addiction to avoid the inevitable onslaught of spoilers that plague my timeline. Tonight, at midnight, Avengers: Endgame will hit cinemas across the United Kingdom, and I am not ready.


A quick disclaimer: I’m not actually going to the midnight showing. I happen to work at my local cinema, so I decided to slip into a 9am showing tomorrow before my afternoon shift to enjoy the film in a way that shouldn’t screw up my sleep schedule. Yes, I risk a spoiler-polluted timeline in the morning, but at least I won’t be nodding off in the box office.


I have been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now. Granted, I have friends who’ve been here much longer than me; even though I saw Iron Man when it first hit cinemas in 2008, I never really unleashed my full fan potential until The Avengers Assemble blessed our screens. I fell in love with the infinite possibilities; the mesh of storylines; the characters who soon became family. Above everything, the MCU has inspired so much of the fiction I write today, not just my superhero stories but everything from my Sci-Fi to my horror films. The Avengers have been pivotal in my development as a creator; as with Disney as a whole, I find myself to drawn to the multitude of potential encapsulated in a Marvel film. They are so much more than movies to me: life lessons, screamed from the rooftops of a multinational platform. It’s awe-inspiring.


Which, I suppose, is why it’s so hard to imagine it all coming to an end.


To say that Infinity War shocked me would be a monumental understatement. I’ll make a video to describe this more accurately, but the first time I watched that scene in the cinema I practically curled up in my seat and played dead for 20 minutes. I’ve seen it countless times since, and each time my reaction can be placed on a graph somewhere between ‘tear tsunami’ and ‘imminent death’. No, I am NOT overreacting. The idea of anything coming close to the emotional trauma I suffered last year is frankly absurd, but apparently not impossible. According to pretty much everyone who’s seen it, Endgame is supposed to be far more shocking. According to Chris Hemsworth himself, the next addition to the MCU will be  “even more shocking, for other reasons entirely.”


Thanks, Chris. Now I’m scared.


But how is that even possible? I’ve been throwing Endgame theories around with friends and colleagues since I first watched its predecessor, and trust me, I’ve had some pretty daunting ideas. Now, with merely hours left to wait, I wanted to share some of these theories with you.


I’ll say now that I am notoriously bad at theories. Like, painfully bad. Most of what you read below are upcycled versions of theories that you have probably already read – for a creative person, I’m not exactly original. Nevertheless, I wanted to share my hype with you (and channel it into something productive before I exploded from excitement…), so let me know some of your theories and whether you thought of anything similar.



A New Generation of Stark


After Tony and Pepper’s iconic conversation at the beginning of Infinity War, it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that there is a new generation of the Stark family on the horizon. I’ve been wondering whether or not they’ll introduce Tony and Pepper’s child in Endgame, and if so, how they might incorporate them into the plot. My favourite theory for this is that they somehow use the Time Stone to travel forward in time and run into mini-Stark. After seeing certain premiere pictures (below), I can’t help but wonder: is it possible that Alexandra Rabe is the child in question? Honestly, I don’t know, but the sadistic writer in me wants to believe that there’s even more to the story…


Alexandra Rabe @ the Avengers: Endgame Premiere


When I first saw Katherine Langford on the cast list (according to IMDb) without a character beside her name, I was confused. But is it just me, or do Alexandra and Katherine look rather similar? Kind of like child and adult versions of the same person?


Yes, it’s a reach. But it’s justified one, right? I don’t know, but what I will say is that if Katherine Langford does turn out to be Iron Man’s daughter, that could open a whole load of possibilities for a new kick-ass super-woman. I’m talking Kate Bishop level kick-ass. I can only dream.



The Skrulls


Okay, not exclusively Endgame, but this is a theory I’ve had in my mind since before I watched Captain Marvel – and I know I’m not the only one. A lot of us on stan Twitter have been toying around with the idea of some of our favourite characters being impersonated by skrulls throughout the course of the MCU timeline. That could mean that, at any moment in Marvel history, a skrull could have taken the place of Captain America, Iron Man, Nick Fury, Black Widow…. IMAGINE THE DAMAGE THAT COULD DO!


Obviously, since the role of the skrulls was revealed in Captain Marvel, that theory seems a little unrealistic. Still, I’d like to think that there are some mal-intentioned skrulls out there who could cause a little damage to the MCU. Perhaps not in Endgame, but definitely in a future Captain Marvel film.


Skrulls - Marvel Comics




Okay, it’s pretty obvious that at least one of the original Avengers are going to die. If Infinity War is anything to go by, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be losing more than one of our beloved heroes. Here’s who I think are most likely to be lost (for good):


Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers, aka the First Avenger, has fought his fair share of fights. Sadly, with Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel running out, it’s looking pretty likely that Captain America is going to die in the fight against Thanos. I’m really hoping that he makes it through the majority of the film, but knowing the Russo Brothers, it wouldn’t surprise me if such an iconic character would pass within the first half of the movie to fuel everybody else’s fight. God, I’m scared.


Tony Stark

For the same reasoning as Steve, I think the possibility of Tony’s death is pretty undeniable. My theory surrounding this (once again fuelled by my sadistic writer’s brain) is that Tony will find out about his daughter whilst time-travelling but will die before he gets to meet her in real-time. Call me evil, demonic, heartless, whatever: I kind of want this to happen.


Bruce Banner/Hulk

I’m really unsure about this one, but I feel like after the Hulk’s – how do I put this? – pitiful performance in Infinity War, it seems rather like he’s building up for something HUGE in Endgame. No pun intended. After Bruce proved in Wakanda that he doesn’t need the Hulk to be a hero, it feels to me as though he’s coming to the end of a tremendous character arc spanning since 2008. And we all know what happens when a character arc is completed.





Time to end this blog on a ~slightly~ more positive note. It seems almost certain to me that at least some of the dusted characters will make their returns in Endgame. With Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange sequels in the works, there’s no way that Marvel can leave these characters for dead – unless, of course, the infinity stone action (or perhaps the trip to the Quantum Realm) creates a multitude of alternate universes, in which case… I pray for our future selves, because that’s going to be hard to keep up with.


If the dusted characters really are in the Soul Stone like so many have suggested, surely there must be some kind of sacrifice to get them out, similar to Thanos’ sacrifice to acquire the stone itself. Steve and Tony, perhaps?


So much for “we don’t trade lives”.


"We don't trade lives." - Marvel Comics



Writing this post has absolutely devastated me, so I’m going to log off the internet for a while and emotionally prepare for the trauma I am about to experience. All I have left to say is that the past eleven years have been an incredible journey (cliché, I know), and the fact that it is about to change so monumentally is both terrifying and exciting. So please, PLEASE, don’t spoil Endgame. Please.


That is all.



As always, thank you so much for reading!


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