A New Chapter

When I was a little girl, I loved stories. I mean, who didn’t? My childhood heroes were the figments of another person’s imagination; my most valuable lessons in life came from the wonderful world of fiction. Whether I was watching a Disney movie or reading Harry Potter with my mother, there was always an opportunity for personal growth, for enlightenment, and for entertainment.

For me, a television screen or the pages of a book are like windows to another realm. To read, to write, to watch: all present you with the opportunity for adventure. From beneath my bedsheets, I have travelled to all seven continents; jumped forwards and backwards in time; journeyed to the darkest corners of the universe and far beyond, and from each place I have taken a precious scrap of knowledge which has stayed with me as I’ve progressed towards adulthood. Pinocchio taught me the value of living a moral, honest life. Brother Bear showed me that family can come from the most unexpected of places. Iron Man taught me to persist, to fight for myself and my world no matter the cost. At times, it feels as though the fabric of my life has been stitched together with stories, so it’s no wonder I chose to write my own.

When I first shared some original writing to my English teacher, the only person I trusted enough to open my soul to, she told me that every story is an opportunity. To this day, that has been a sort of mantra for me, always lingering in the back of my head like my own personal Jiminy Cricket. I used to write for alleviation, a way to vocalise my thoughts and relieve the burden on my shoulders. I wrote to process, to accept, and to lessen the weight of the anxiety brought on by my Alopecia Areata diagnosis. Back then, writing was an opportunity to improve my own wellbeing; now, it’s an opportunity to help others.

I’ve always loved to write. To create. Storytelling is such a powerful mode of communication; through metaphor, you can tell the most personal of stories and touch the hearts of so many. Fiction allows you to teach the most important of lessons, to inspire people from all corners of the world. I am a firm believer that a writer is in constant conversation with their audience, and as a result you are granted the opportunity to really make a lasting impact on their lives. It was the Disney classics that touched me most. I was lucky enough to work a job that brought me closer to the films I love so much, giving me a fresh perspective and renewed respect for the greatness of the stories I was so inspired by as a child. I brought myself the complete collection, and in my redundancy watched each one again to appreciate them in a whole new light. As an adult, there is so much value to be found in nostalgia – in Disney films, one can find a detailed commentary on the human psyche and way of life. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

As a writer, I’ve always wanted to push the boundaries of genre and style. I value individuality above conformity, expression over tradition, and I want to experiment to the fullest. I want to be unexpected. But to be able to make changes, you first need to understand and respect what we already have. Over the next few months, I am going to use this blog to explore the ins and outs of existing stories, from the Disney classics to the Pixar animations, to the live-action spectacles and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a journey that spans the best part of a century, an incredible feat originating in the mind of one person’s imagination.

With every story comes an opportunity: the chance to see the world through another person’s eyes. You just need to know where to look.





This post is the beginning of a new, exciting project. By combining emilyrumboldt.com with my new YouTube channel, I hope to create a community with a mutual interest in both Disney and storytelling. By writing a series of film and book reviews, discussing them further in my videos, and using my study of existing films and books to produce my own original writing, I hope to create a network of both fictional and non-fictional work that is as interactive as it is entertaining.


To read the first of my Disney Classics reviews, read [currently unavailable].

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To go to my YouTube channel, click here.

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