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“Orange Is The New Black”: SUBPLOTS AND SEMANTICS.

Featured Image:   Much of this article is a matter of opinion. If you wish to expand on anything or offer a contrasting viewpoint, feel free to leave a comment.     Last night I found myself curled up... Continue Reading →

Progress – Weekend beginning Saturday 20th May, 2017

This weekend has brought two major progressions for my EPQ. Having just changed the focus from the novel to the marketing, I took this weekend as an opportunity to work solely on the distribution of "Inauguration Day". I spent Saturday... Continue Reading →

Fixing my EPQ question, and READING PRISON VISIT – 19/5/17

On Friday 19th May, 2017, I made some substantial changes to the focus of my EPQ which I discussed with my supervisor. When considering the risks of my former question, I realised that there were a number of issues which could... Continue Reading →

A letter to Farrah Moan

This post will contain spoilers from RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 9, Episode 8. If you do not want details from episodes leading up to this point, I strongly suggest watching all of Season 9 before reading on. Thank you. After... Continue Reading →

EPQ Progress (up to 12/05/17)

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard to keep on track with my plan, however I have found myself inundated with pre-exam work which has taken priority over my writing. This was not an unexpected problem for... Continue Reading →

A letter for Sasha Velour

This post might include spoilers from RuPaul's Drag Race: Season 9, Episode 7. If you are behind on the show, I'd strongly recommend that you catch up and come back when you're ready. That being said, this post is an... Continue Reading →

“13 Reasons Why” is too controversial? Tell that to my depression.

In this morning's assembly, we talked about suicide. No, not the usual "watch for the signs" lecture that few people seem to listen to. Not even the usual anti-bullying talk that schools across the world play on a stuck record. No.... Continue Reading →

EPQ: PROGRESS (7/4/17)

This blog will be a recap on my progress up to 7th April 2017.   Working title of novel: Inauguration Day. Chosen to show a high level of social relevance, referencing the Inauguration of President Donald Trump in January and... Continue Reading →

EPQ: Progress Report (W/B 20th March 2017)

This week marks a new milestone for my project: the start of the all-important writing process. Where I stand now, I have written the first draft of my prologue and the majority of Chapter 1. Having been writing for a... Continue Reading →

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