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“Orange Is The New Black”: SUBPLOTS AND SEMANTICS.

Featured Image:   Much of this article is a matter of opinion. If you wish to expand on anything or offer a contrasting viewpoint, feel free to leave a comment.     Last night I found myself curled up... Continue Reading →

Progress – Weekend beginning Saturday 20th May, 2017

This weekend has brought two major progressions for my EPQ. Having just changed the focus from the novel to the marketing, I took this weekend as an opportunity to work solely on the distribution of "Inauguration Day". I spent Saturday... Continue Reading →

Fixing my EPQ question, and READING PRISON VISIT – 19/5/17

On Friday 19th May, 2017, I made some substantial changes to the focus of my EPQ which I discussed with my supervisor.¬†When considering the risks of my former question, I realised that there were a number of issues which could... Continue Reading →

EPQ Progress (up to 12/05/17)

Over the past few weeks I have been working hard to keep on track with my plan, however I have found myself inundated with pre-exam work which has taken priority over my writing. This was not an unexpected problem for... Continue Reading →

EPQ: PROGRESS (7/4/17)

This blog will be a recap on my progress up to 7th April 2017.   Working title of novel: Inauguration Day. Chosen to show a high level of social relevance, referencing the Inauguration of President Donald Trump in January and... Continue Reading →

EPQ: Progress Report (W/B 20th March 2017)

This week marks a new milestone for my project: the start of the all-important writing process. Where I stand now, I have written the first draft of my prologue and the majority of Chapter 1. Having been writing for a... Continue Reading →

EPQ: Presentation Sit-In and Library Trip Plan

Though Fridays are usually the days allocated to our group meetings, during which we learn a new skill to apply to our projects, today was different in a number of ways. In place of the weekly after school meeting, I... Continue Reading →

EPQ – Plot Planning and Supervisor Feedback

Today, as planned, I met up with my supervisor again to discuss the progress that I have made on my project since this time last week. Whilst my active blog audience prevents me from going into too much detail to... Continue Reading →

EPQ – Risk Assessment

Obviously there's little about writing and marketing a novel that could lead to actual physical injury - unless, of course, you take into account the almost scary dedication of some book fans (re: Harry Potter devotees). Nevertheless, it is still... Continue Reading →

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