I Had A Name Once

I had a name once. Not that I could tell you what it was, of course; far too much time has since elapsed. Even so, as I sit here wallowing in the miserable depths of my existence, I can’t help but listen to the indiscernible whispers of my past. They call for me, beg for [...]


How very stunning, I had thought, is the fluidity at which your heartbeats change in pace with the beast against which I had once fought. Raging fires blazing red, diminished by the serenity of blue. Punished within the Devil’s rules, flattened into an earthy brown. Soil underground. Finished. You wink, and with it you become [...]


It’s pointless: I urge myself within my mind, distracting my thoughts from the tribulations on which they ponder. How? How do I relax? How do I get her to love me when she doesn’t love me back? How? It’s pointless. What’s pointless? My thoughts fight back, desperately clutching at the final strands of hope that [...]

A Daily Routine

Here we go again. Always the same damn routine, Over and over again for half an infinity. We wake up; open our eyes; open the window. We look outside; suck in a mouthful of oxygen before spitting out a mouthful of carbon dioxide. Why? Because that’s all we know how to do. Ha, how awfully [...]


Miss; Mrs; Ms; Mr - please select your title. But I don't want to choose; how can I? You forgot someone. You forgot about me. I think: perhaps it was an honest mistake Because how could you forget? I'm right here. So I draw a new box and label it with nothing, It's my box. [...]


Inhale… I wince as the eyes of strangers drive into my skin like shards of glass, their edges sharpened by ignorance and judgement. As the lights around me swell to a blinding size, I see their silhouettes creeping closer, staring, watching... The air around me sits silently as it waits, its impatience tying a relentless [...]

The Irony of an Unwilling Sin

Though the thought still continues to haunt me to this very day, it takes me a great deal of effort to remember exactly why I ever thought it right to become fully acquainted with such a monstrosity as he had been. Only very recently, though not in good nature, did I even think to hark [...]