How very stunning, I had thought,

is the fluidity at which your heartbeats

change in pace with the beast

against which I had once fought.

Raging fires blazing red, diminished

by the serenity of blue. Punished

within the Devil’s rules, flattened

into an earthy brown. Soil underground.


You wink, and with it you become

overwhelmed by a cerulean wave.

Oceans drown the unscrupulous knave

whom, from within, pounded the drum

of brown study. In an open grave he dies,

ignorant to the hate and the blasphemous lies

and the scorn and the judgement of crude


At a wink’s pace the Devil rises,

and once more the oceans are reverted to

sludge. Brown muck on which grew:

weeds; algae; vicious creepers; surprises

creeping up from the depths of Hell,

an ocean of fire raging above the death knell.

But you turn the other cheek, and force me to bid

the most stunning case of Heterochromia farewell.

(May, 2016)

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